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DT-800I Computer automatic wave tank oil intelligent cleaning and oil changing machine
Technical parameters:
1. Power: 0.15KW
2, working voltage: DC-12V
3. Inlet and outlet tubing: 2.5m
4. Length: 65cm
5, width: 65cm
6. Height: 117cm
7. Net weight: 76kg

8, new and old oil drum volume: 14 liters

1, digital tube display, humanized operation, convenient and practical
2. Automatic identification of oil inlet and outlet direction of intelligent transmission
3, automatic transmission cycle cleaning, equal exchange function
4. Automatic transmission oil pre-setting function of filling amount, recycling amount and replacement amount
5, intelligent electronic control of new and old oil automatic equal volume exchange
6, a variety of special joints, suitable for Europe, America, Asia models
7, external old and new oil drums, more intuitive display of new and old oil exchange effect
8. Automatic discharge of new and old oil in the oil changing machine
9. Effectively solve the problem of incomplete manual transmission oil replacement
10. Improve the working performance of the gearbox and prolong the service life of the gearbox

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